Couldn't be Simpler

Picture of keyboard with button labeled "easy"

Add Auth Privacy to your app in minutes using off-the-shelf OpenID libraries, so you can turn your focus to your app's core functionality instead of rewriting yet another username/password database.

Send a simple message to your users: their information will not be shared with anyone. With email or phone number sign-in, no users will be left out.

Advanced Security

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Give your users a sign-in option that supports highly secure features like time-based tokens, security key cryptographic authentication, and fingerprint or face detection biometric authentication.

All without having to manage the complicated security requirements yourself or take on unecessary liability.

Privacy First

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Users can sign-in to a wide range of apps with a single login and the confidence that their personal information will never be shared as a condition of authentication and their actions cannot be tracked between apps.

All Features

OpenID integration for app developers
Works with native and web apps
Easy account creation during OpenID flow
Email or phone based signin
Verification of email or phone ownership
Authenticator app as second-factor
USB security key as second-factor
Backup codes for lost second-factor
Fingerprint as multi-factor alternative
Facial recognition as multi-factor alternative
Password reset with email or phone verification
UI for desktop or mobile
Password manager friendly